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How to create a detailed Energy Statement for your Planning Application

Many Local Planning Authorities across the UK now require the submission of an Energy Statement as part of the planning application for all build projects.

Architects, Contractors, Planners, Developers and other industry professionals are expected to create Energy Statements that balance environmentally sound suggestions with commercial viability.


What is an Energy Statement? 

An Energy Statement is a detailed document which sets out the most suitable and cost-effective solutions to reduce carbon emissions and integrate Low or Zero Carbon (LZC) renewable energy technologies.

The purpose of Energy Statements is to clarify how the development, whether it is commercial or residential, will achieve a reduction in energy usage or CO2 emissions that complies with the minimum standards set out by the local planning authority and which go beyond UK Building Regulations. Thus demonstrating a commitment to achieving a sustainable development.


Why do I need an Energy Statement?

Energy Statements are often a requirement for:

Local Authorities, for example The London Plan Policy 5.2

To achieve a particular BREEAM target

Building Regulation 25a (Part L: 2013) compliance


What do I need to include in an Energy Statement?

An Energy Statement needs to show how a development has been designed to reduce energy use considering:

  • Baseline annual CO2 emissions and energy costs
  • Energy efficiency of the building fabric
  • Heating, ventilation and lighting factors
  • Low and zero carbon feasibility report – renewable energy technologies
  • The contribution and cost breakdown of each proposed renewable energy technology


How can Base Energy help with your Energy Statement?

We work closely with Architects, Planners, Contractors, Developers and other industry professionals, offering advice on the design as well as speaking to your Local Planning Authority.

Peter Kinsella, Managing Director of Base Energy, comments, “We have a great team here at Base Energy, who are passionate about creating a sustainable future through reduced energy consumption. We pride ourselves on creating great relationships; offering practical, down-to-earth design and planning solutions that guarantee compliance with UK Building Regulations for high quality sustainable build projects.”

Our extensive experience in working with various local authorities around the UK means we are fully aware of their energy targets, allowing us to carry out detailed energy statements in a timely and efficient manner.

If you would like to discuss your Energy Statement with one of our specialist consultants, please call us on 020 3286 2016 or email


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