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  • Client Name:
    Oldfields Developments Ltd
  • Service:
    Flood Risk Assessment and Surface Water & SuDS Assessment
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Flood Assessment Diagrams

Find out how Base Energy are working with Oldfields Developments Ltd and assessing the different risks of flooding to their new residential scheme in Sutton!


Base Energy were initially contacted back in June 2017 to see if we could help assist with their planning application for 7a Oldfields Road, Sutton to prepare a Flood Risk Assessment and a Surface Water & SuDS Assessment.

Proposals were for the demolition of existing buildings and the erection of a terrace of four 3-bedroomed two storey houses with roof accommodation.

The Story

We have been working alongside Oldfields Developments Ltd to ensure that their project complies with the Flood Risk Assessment and Management requirements set out in the NPPF and that the Surface Water Assessment sufficiently supports the planning application.

Earlier this year, because they were happy with our service which resulted in the project being granted planning permission, Oldfields contacted us again to carry out the Surface Water Discharge Condition 17. This specifically focused on complying with the London Borough of Sutton Plan Policy 32 and the London Plan Policy 5.13.

The Solution

One of our specialist sustainability consultants prepared these reports and was in regular contact with the client and the council to everything required was included. The site is shown to be located in an area with critical drainage problems and we had to address this in the report. Throughout the reports, we also had to ensure that the proposals don’t increase the amount of surface water run off when compared to the existing site.

In order for Base Energy to complete this report, we had to request the flood levels of the site and surrounding area from the Environmental Agency. This helped us assess how the surface water run off levels will change, the best ways to mitigate this and recommendations of how to dispose of this surface water in the future.

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