Energy Statements

Energy Statements

Many local authorities require an energy statement as part of a detailed planning application.

The Energy Statement offers developers guidance on which actions they take to meet local planning carbon reduction targets.

What is the Energy Statement?

Energy statements address energy objectives such as CO2 emission reduction and renewable energy targets.

They outline the most suitable and cost-effective solutions to reduce a property’s carbon emissions and advise which Low and Zero Carbon (LZC) renewable energy technologies may be required.

SAP calculations (domestic schemes) and SBEM calculations (commercial) provide the basis of an Energy Statement.

Typically, the energy statement includes:

  • Baseline annual CO2 emissions and energy costs
  • Fabric first approach
  • Heating, ventilation and lighting
  • Low and zero carbon feasibility report – renewable energy technologies
  • Advice in specification of energy efficient measures
  • Improvement in CO2 over a baseline based on Part Building Regulations

SAP and SBEM calculations are required for all new build or conversion schemes. A SAP calculation can also be used for Building Regulations compliance after planning is granted and construction is underway. Please see our SAP and SBEM calculation section for more details.

Why do you need an Energy Statement?

An Energy statement is a requirement of certain local councils for planning applications. Each council has their own sustainability policy for CO2 reduction.    Ann energy statement demonstrates a commitment to improving the sustainability credentials of a property and reducing its CO2 emissions.

Local planning authorities currently have the power to set targets to improve the energy efficiency and CO2 emissions of domestic and commercial buildings in their area.

The CO2 emission and energy target can vary significantly between the local authorities from 8% to 35%. Some councils have greener policies and that why the targets tend to vary. Therefore an assessment is required to be submitted with your planning application.

The London Plan has set a minimum target of 35% for major developments in all London boroughs and several boroughs have set a 19% target for minor developments.

For major developments in London, a cash in lieu policy is now in place based on a fee being applied for the remaining carbon from your development.

How can we help?

We will work closely with you on your development and can offer advice on the design as well as speaking to your local authority. Base Energy has solid experience of working with various local authorities around the UK and keeping up to date with their targets. This allows us to carry out detailed energy statements in a timely and efficient manner.

If you would like to discuss your energy statement with one of our specialist consultants, please call us on 020 3286 2016 or email and we will get back to you within the same working day.



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