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The Base Elves have put together some handy tips to help you save energy in the home this Christmas!


1. Christmas lights- Why not switch to LED lights which use 90 percent less energy than ordinary bulbs.

2. Turn appliances off standby: Every little helps and research has shown that turning appliances off standby mode saves around £30 a year.

3. Keep toasty: Try and keep draughts out by sealing around kitchen and bathroom pipes to the outside. Use insulation strips around doors and windows to keep the heat in.

4. Charades anyone? Rather than have the TV on throughout the festive season, make the most of family time with some classic games like charades or board games.

5. Free up fridge space: Your fridge is likely to be in overdrive with all the Christmas goodies. Why not free up some space and energy by keeping things like bottles and cans outside where they can stay cold.

6. Set timers: Make sure you set timers for your lights and wait until it’s dark to put them on.

7. Wash less and at lower temps: Christmas time is the perfect excuse to relax a little and set aside the chores- try to avoid small washing loads and wash at 30 degrees!

8. Turn off room lights: If you have your Christmas lights on in full glow, turn your room lights off and make the most of the festive ambiance.

9. Bake wisely: If you are entertaining, try and cook as many things in the oven at the same time. Remember the same amount of energy is required to heat a full oven as it is to heat a nearly empty one!

10. Entertain efficiently: If you have lots of guests coming around, why not turn the heating down and save energy. All those extra bodies will generate heat and keep the house nice and warm.

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